Jimmy DK


Guitarist Jimmy DK has been rocking San Francisco Bay Area stages for the better part of 37 years. A native of the San Francisco peninsula, he got his start as the bassist in the band Siphuncle, and followed that up with stints on guitar with Dungeon Demons, Southbound, and Hangin' On.

Jimmy brought his bass skills to the Byrnie Baker Band in 1977, continuing to hold down the bottom end until 1980. He also co-wrote songs that appeared on the band's 1983 album, Certified Rock and Roll.

As the guitarist with country rock act Ossumpossum for the past 20 years, Jimmy has opened for the Byrnie Baker Band, California Cowboys, Chambers Brothers, and Elvin Bishop, among others. Ossumpossum occasionally take the stage with guest artists such as steel guitar virtuoso Bobby Black (Commander Cody, Norton Buffalo, Asleep At The Wheel) and highly-regarded guitarist Herschel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak), as well.

Jimmy has worked as guitarist and songwriter/arranger for several local songwriters over the last 10 years, as well as more recently handling guitars and management for TOR, The Side Effects, and Earlydaze. He also was the bassist for Luvhed from 2010-2012, regularly appearing at Bay Area venues such as the Rockit Room, Stork Club, St. James Gate, The Bistro, and 19 Broadway, and at special events such as the SF Aids Run Concert.

When he has a few moments free from his post with HazeXperience, Jimmy serves as the bassist with MaCaJo, a vocal trio that hails from the South Bay.

A veritable music business Rennaissance man, Jimmy has also been known to take on such duties as sound tech and engineer, stage manager, recording engineer, band manager, stage hand, and all-around busy [expletive deleted].

Jimmy was born into a musical family. His mom was a pianist and music teacher, and his three aunts were proficient on strings (violin, viola, cello). One of them played for many years with the St. Louis Symphony.

A building contractor as well, Jimmy looks forward to his infrequent days off when he can just be a lazy bastard.

Jimmy DK

"Dont worry if you toss a few too many back. County jail is right across the street. You can stumble right on in. They'll leave the light on."

Jimmy DK